Hello world!

5 Dec

Greetings from The Learned Kat!
I started this blog because most people nowadays seem to use this form as a means of communicating to the outside world whether its political, personal, social, artistic or otherwise. We all have something to say whether it’s on a personal level or on the global stage. I know I have lots to say which might make you laugh, cry, get angry or make you think “Hmmm…”

I called my blog “The Learned Kat” because my first name begins with the letter K and my partners’ name begins with T. Hence, K&T. We are a couple and have been together for almost 22 years come April 2013!! We are still learning about love, life and everything else in between…I also happen to love animals, especially cats.

I hope to write about my Passion & Creativity from baking at home, photography and interior design to all things sublime…

So, I am taking a deep breath and entering the world of blogging…

The Learned Kat


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