Catching up with a friend

6 Dec

I hadn’t seen my female friend RR for some weeks. Although I had spoken to her very briefly on the telephone, it’s not quite the same when you go round to her house…My first ever attempt at baking jam tarts provided a good reason to go and visit RR, as I felt I needed to share them with a friend as well as my other half!  RR graciously accepted, as always. She made a nice cup of tea and we chatted in front of the warm, log fire. On a cold, winters day, there is something very comforting in watching coal piled into a multifuel firestove and watch the embers glow into a flame…

Conversation  flitted between what’s on TV to shopping, to talking about future plans, and most importantly, what’s been happening in our lives in the here and now. I brought her up to speed as to what I’ve been up to in the last four weeks. It was a great opportunity to indulge and talk about myself for an hour or two, receiving some positive feedback or strokes. When one is stressed, that’s one of the best forms of therapy. Like stroking  a cat, it helps to release anxieties and worries. You know there is informal support available with a friend, and a good friend is not one to judge but is also one who can tell you what they think without hurting your feelings…It also helps to express emotions in a small, comfortable and safe environment without the fear of being ridiculed or humiliated.

Right now, I’m not going to say what I’m going through. I think it’s early days yet to divulge personal issues like that, but I just wanted the opportunity to reflect on the day’s events and be thankful to know that at least I have some people whom I could rely on and a handful of good, supportive, loyal friends.

Jam Tarts


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