All’s Fayre…

8 Dec

Having attended a local Craft Fayre this morning, I was amazed and suitably impressed by the amount of people who attended. I enjoyed the hustle and bustle, appreciated the handiwork, time taken to make such items and the overall atmosphere. I have to admit that I didn’t buy anything as, although I  appreciated what I saw, it wasn’t the types of things that I would have in my own home. And too be honest, I wouldn’t or couldn’t bring myself to part with £3.50 for a small jar of home pickled onions or sweet chilli jam, as delicious as they sound. Some people really buy into homemade merchandise and are  very happy to pay what ever it costs.

I suppose, on the one side, I probably feel that way as I’m either envious of the items on display or I know I could make something similar myself but choose not to… Either way, my visit to the Fayre was two-fold. 1) To support the local community and 2) to introduce myself to some of the stall holders as I hope to stage a similar event myself in several months. However, the event I am hoping to stage would be used as a platform for interested members of the community who are passionate about baking in their own homes to showcase cakes and cupcakes.

If I could generate enough interest, it would be worth holding the event in the local church on the High Street. St Marys in Bearwood, I feel, is the ideal venue. However, looking at the costs of liability insurance, hiring the hall plus other fees makes the practicality of the situation a little bit more difficult. I didn’t think of all that before I came up with the idea. But Hey Ho! Research is a wonderful thing!

I managed to speak to several stallholders and I was genuinely impressed and pleasantly surprised to hear that, YES! they would definitely be interested and would even help me organise the event if I needed extra help. I was touched by their kind gestures and warm welcome…My point being that, although I had a rant about some people being selfish on my “Why bother?” post, I see that there still is some element of the good creative, generous Spirit who can or may be able to contribute something of themselves to a stranger like me. Community Spirit is alive and well!

The Learned Kat 🙂


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