9 Dec

Why is it on some mornings you can just wake up and feel as if you’re in the Wilderness? Not the great outdoor type of wilderness, but metaphorically speaking…I woke up this morning and had to ask myself  “Where is my life going? What am I to do with myself?”

Then I had to shake myself out of this reverie and say to myself I have to do something more constructive or productive today. So I made it my goal today to start baking mini christmas cakes. I found the recipe in one of those magazines that are given away free from the supermarket, so thought I’d give it a try…

I find baking so allows me to think things through…about past events, memories of loved ones…things I said or did…how my life has changed…baking allows me to release emotions, frustrations and stress in a creative way…I also find that I love the methodical process, the putting together of ingredients and checking the time, the anxiety of waiting and checking to see if the end result is as expected or better than expected…I don’t normally use weighing scales, but recently I’ve started to use them to ensure I get the desired outcome and check if it turns out as shown on the box/picture/magazine or TV?

It’s always either a pleasant surprise or a great disappointment…Fortunately my cakes tend to be better than expected….I’ll post photos here when they are properly decorated.

The Learned Kat :-$


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