New Ventures

12 Dec

What a productive day it’s been!  After yesterdays dramas, I managed to draft a letter to David Cameron, PM. I’ve outlined my frustrations about how I can’t move on up to a Supervisory/Managerial positions unless I have my NVQ Level 4 or Registered Managers Award and not able to train for that qualification unless I am in post already! I’ve provided examples of  Care Providers “as seen on TV” and from my own personal experiences. I also mentioned how, if I register with Social Care Agencies, I have to pay £47 or more for Criminal Record Bureau checks or CRB to each agency and even then, work is not guaranteed which leaves me out of pocket. It’s quite a detailed letter, but it was something I’d  been planning to do for months, kept putting off but managed to write last night. So that’s one good outcome from having a dispute with your other half!

Last month, I joined two new groups. One currently goes under the name of BetterBearwood and is a loose collective collective of people who have a shared passion to make the Bearwood Community a much better place to live in. This afternoon, I met up with one of the group members, who also happens to be a part time musician, and we looked at how we could stage a cake fayre/baking contest for the benefit of the community. It was a good, informal meeting and we seemed to share similar thoughts and humour.

The second group is The Bearwood Bookworms, a local reading group. So tonight their last meeting was held at Azzari Too… a restaurant which specialises in food fusion, for the final end of year Book Club and review. We shared our thoughts on Bram Stokers Dracula and discussed other topics of interest.

It was good to meet and chat to like-minded people, who appeared to express a shared passion, interests and views on the community and how it could be improved. I aim to continue to be involved or be part of this creative community and invest time to share and change what we have for the better.

The Learned Kat


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