A Shopping Nightmare

22 Dec

So, the world didn’t end yesterday at 11.11am as predicted by The Mayans but the way people were shopping in Aldi today, you would think that we were heading for Armageddon. It was packed with customers since it opened early this morning and the queues reached right down the aisles. There was hardly any room to navigate a walk through or to pick up items off the shelves. It was chaotic and I don’t know how the staff managed to keep the tills ringing constantly. It was as if they were on automatic pilot. Non-stop shopping, buying, ringing, stacking and re-stacking the shelves as the items dispersed within minutes of being placed in the trays or shelves.

Just because it’s Christmas, why do we, as Consumers, feel the need to buy so much just for one day? I also notice how prices in some stores seem to creep up a bit and then marked out as if we are buying a bargain? The truth is, we’re not. It’s just all  a marketing ploy. The reality being that we also know this now, what with the amount of consumer programmes on the television and advice given in magazines or newspapers, yet we still carry on and accept the prices as if we have no choice in the matter.

That’s why Christmas shopping appears to be such a “nightmare” at times. A savvy shopper would pace themselves in the run up to Christmas possibly be prepared to haggle and save, and stock up on food items or presents well in advance. But the majority of us would rush out and buy at the last minute as if it was the end of the world and then when we get home look at all the food and other items and ask ourselves, “Did we really need to buy all this?” or  “Are we going to have a feast/feeding frenzy or start our new diet?”and even a “What a waste!” perhaps.

But therein lies the crux. Towards the end of the year, the media and Supermarkets set the frenzy with the Countdown and people in general, get caught up in it, so choose to prepare for Christmas and New Year in a way which only means that they shop, eat. party and celebrate like there is no tomorrow.

However, I have to think that, although the Mayans did not get it right yesterday, maybe for some people, when they go to sleep tonight, there will be no tomorrow and for others it would be the end of their world. And no amount of frantic shopping will bring that back.

The Learned Kat


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