Buying to bake

22 Dec

When I started baking about three years ago, a jar of jam used to be about 90p but now costs £1.25; ready to roll Marzipan was £1.35 but now costs about £4, a 500g margarine tub used to be about 60p but can now cost upto £1.50 in some stores. It was the cheapest dairy product I could buy. But since baking has become de rigeur in the last two years, to purchase the same items, you can now expect to pay out a lot more. I know business experts or analysts would say that it has been inflated in relation to the cost of living or inflation/interest rates but I say, that’s not necessarily true because for a number of years, the items mentioned above remained a consistent and fair price for a number of years. It’s only gone up in price because people are buying more baking products now than ever before. We have more choices, we demand more, avidly watch many baking programmes, we search the internet and in droves request certain products as advertised on the TV or magazine. The best of the bunch is BBC 1 The Great British Bake-Off which has really set the trend for good homebaking. But I digress…

Consumer purchases or fads, I feel, not only is about setting trends, relating to fashion or all things fashionable right now, but also  encourages the High Street Supermarkets to set a price that we are willing to pay no matter what the asking price. There are many of us who  can’t seem to barter for a bargain anymore, and that in itself is quite sad as it takes away the shopping experience once enjoyed in a bygone era here in the UK but postitively encouraged to do so when travelling abroad in developing countries such as Tunisia, Turkey or Egypt.

Baking is a pleasure for rich or poor, not a measure of whether I can afford to buy the ingredients or not.


The Learned Kat



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