Hair Time

28 Dec


I’ve started to lose my hair.

My hair which was my pride and joy, used to lie heavy, thick and wavy on my head.

As I showed off my new haircut to my elderly friend the other day, she recalled, how 21 years ago, when I first met her, my hairstyle was combed out with a thick fringe flicked over one eye and slightly curled to the left. She said she’d never seen hair so lustrous on a man before.

I’ve started to lose my hair. My other half commented that at some point soon, I’d have to shave it all off or at least cut it shorter. He said my bald patch is beginning to look more prominent and I’d have to keep it shorn. There’s nothing worse than a man having a hair style or “comb over” to try and disgusise the fact that he’s losing hair he said. He forgets it was a female friend who encouraged him to shave off his thinning hair about 14 years ago. It was a surprise shock at that time when I returned home from work and he looked like a bald egg! Obviously I’ve become accustomed to his look after all these years…

I’ve started to lose my hair.
Like Samson, I believed the strength (of my looks and personality) was in my hair because everyone who met me used to pass positive comments or compliments on the texture, look and style of my hair.
My hair started to grow grey at the temples when I was about 25. I didn’t mind then as it seemed to create a look of distinction and maturity. In my late 30’s, I started to recede. The bald patch started about 5 years ago. It wasn’t so noticeable, I thought, until my nephew took a photo and showed it to me. I dismissed it as a prank photo. Then, my hair started to fall out. I’d wake up in the mornings to find strands all over the pillow, I’d have a shower and hair would come out in clumps. I didn’t comb my hair at all. Just used to run my gelled fingertips through it into a desired look and leave it for the rest of the day. When my hair was thicker and fuller, I would say to the barber or hairdresser I’d want a crew cut just for a change but they would vehemently refuse to cut my hair any shorter than necessary. Now, I’d go to the hair salon and in my anxious state, make enquiries about the state of my hair. They claimed the loss of hair was due to vigorous towel drying or excessive use of the hairdryer and strongly advised I have a crew cut or something similar..!?

I’ve always been conscious of hair and hairstyles, the power of hair and how it can be used for protection. Hair is a potent and visible feature of the human body. Just look at how it is utilised in fiction such as fairy tales like Rapunzel, or used in so-called witches potions or to more factual, scientific research such as DNA. Or to attract and flirt with someone, or be caressed, played with and styled for different fashion or social statements.

We take hair for granted. I always thought my headful would remain with me forever. But they say a male balding head is a sign of virility. I think that’s just a fallacy. Whoever said it in the first place, just said it to make the balding person feel better about themselves.

Obviously, there are various reasons or contributing factors as to why people start to bald: alopecia, stress, shock, disease, ageing, hormones or hereditary genes to name but a few. My hairloss could be a combination of any of those listed.

I’ve started to lose my hair.
There are some days when I worry about it even more (I know that’s not going to help) and then there are times when I think, if my bald patch extends to such a point that I would not have any option but to shave it all off, it’s not so bad. Some things are meant to be and far worse things can happen. I know I will have to cut it shorter at some point. Right now though, I don’t have the courage nor the confidence to go for the whole buzz/crew cut or the whole shaven head look. Whether or not it will suit me or my personality I don’t know. All I do know is that, for now, fashion dictates the look of today. Right now, my hairstyle which is short and wavy on top and Grade 1 on the sides, is very much on trend. So, I’m happy. And with the way my hair is declining, my old desire or wish to have a crew cut simply because I was so fed up with my thick, luscious, full, wavy hair might happen any day soon.

The Learned Kat


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