Say Goodbye to 2012, Say Hello to 2013: A New Year!

31 Dec

Tonight, we say goodbye to a year which for me, has been a bittersweet experience.
I’ve achieved a number of things I had set my sights on, like learning how to swim and ride a bicycle (not at the same time, of course!) had opportunities to make new friends and joined a couple of new social groups. I’ve also had time to reflect on me as a person and my relationship with others. Whether that makes me a good and better person. a subservient doormat or a strong, articulate and assertive individual. It all depends on the rapport I have with others and how they perceive me.
This year, we decided to stay in, and chose not to go out and party or drink copious amounts of alcohol; we chose to keep warm and safe indoors this year to think about what has gone before and what 2013 may have in store for us.

It is also a time to look back on the past 12 months at what’s been happening in my life up until now, within my homelife. community, within the UK and on the global stage. The succsess stories, the losses, the laughter, the tears, the endearing and emotional, the farcical and frightful.
I’m thinking about the Diamond Jubilee, the UK Olympics, and how they made me feel as a born and bred British Asian.
I’m thinking about the media stories on the news, on television and in magazines.
I’m thinking about personal life changing achievements and losses.
I’m thinking about loved ones, my dear and departed, my old and new friends.

I was planning to cook a Caribbean style jerk chicken dinner but we ended up having a bag of chips on the way home after visiting a friend. I had planned to bake a cake but the margarine and eggs are still sitting on the kitchen worktop and the cake will have to wait. I was expecting a knock on the door or the telephone to ring but received several Happy New Year texts instead. I was hoping to have fireworks and sparklers lit in the garden but I had to consider the cats and dogs in the neighbourhood and the sparklers might burn the laminated floor or rug if I light them indoors. So I’m going to light four Chinese Sky Lanterns in memory of our deceased parents.

This year, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to have a lavish affair or not. It doesn’t matter to have made plans for the evening or not. It doesn’t matter to be celebrating out in style or not. It just doesn’t matter…What matters is the fact we have our health, we have our faculties and lives and we have each other and there is love in the home.

So, on this night, reflect on the past year, what you have and don’t have. Remember that people love you no matter where they are and who you are.
It is also a time to aspire, achieve and hold onto dreams, which, if you have a strong belief in yourself and the support of loved ones, that dream might one day become a reality.


The Learned Kat


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