Death by Text

10 Jan

Last Sunday, I received a text from an ex-girl friend. She apologised for bothering me but had to inform me that S,the daughter of another former friend, was killed in a car crash. It was a shock and images of S flashed through my mind. I remembered the first time we met, and how she asked immediately if I was “out” or not? She was a lesbian who was merely being inquisitive but not in an intrusive manner. I liked her frank and open nature. We hit it off immediately. She struck me as a kind, thoughful and considerate person. I only met her about three times after that, but I got to know bits of her personal history and professional background. A young woman in her prime, she seemed a private person about her affairs, conscientious and hard working. She had settled down with her long-term partner, had been ordained as a Chaplain and was looking forward to conducting Civil Ceremonies.

I don’t know how her mother is coping. All I know is that it is another sad chapter in her life. Several years ago, she moved to be closer to her sister, who was intending to become her Carer, but her sister died shortly afterwards. Over a decade ago, she had lost her husband and mother-in-law in a car crash. To have four deaths, 3 in similar circumstances, in one family, is a tragedy.
The mother is left with her gambling addiction either in the Amusement Arcades or Bingo, her cigarettes, shots of brandy and one gay son.

I would like to offer my sympathy, but the friendship that once was, ended under a very strained situation. Some people are meant to come into your life and connect for either a short or long time. There is a reason for this. Call it Fate, Karma, Kismet or what you will…S came into my life albeit short term, but for whatever reason, her passing away has made me think of her more often. Since receiving the news of her demise, I keep going back to the moment we met and I can’t shake it off.

I don’t know if it would be wise to contact her mother, post a card or allow the condolences I sent via the initial Messenger as the last form of sensitive communication.

All I know that S is on my mind and in my waking hours, I think of her often and pray she is in a better place.

R.I.P x

The Learned Kat


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