I’m not tech savvy but I know a man who is

12 Feb

As I am part of a new community group called BetterBearwood (the name may change at some point) I was invited to a meeting tonight. I was slightly apprehensive as I’d not been to the Hosts house before and did not know what to expect.

I took some homebaked cupcakes as a small gift, a token of appreciation and to celebrate Valentines Day with the others.

It was 8.30pm and on a cold, bitter night, with frost and snow on the ground, I trudged to the meeting house as if I was called to a secret meeting. I told the host I felt as if we were polical students a la Les Miserables or could only liken it to the time of the French Resistance! Of course, we are nothing like that – we don’t hold any political affiliations (as yet!) but the decor of the home resembled something from the 1940’s in a nostalgic way, shabby chic furnishings, pine doors and furnishings, dark oak floors and dim lighting, wine glasses and open topped bottles, books heaving on the shelves, a vintage looking radio and striped chaise lounge, retro looking posters, paintings and graphic designs hung on the wall. Personality and character shone through…

The one item that made me feel we were in modern times was the large Apple Mac screen which sat in pride of place on the dining table. It was this piece of modern technology that was our focal point of the evening. We had been called to provide feedback on a new website associated with our group, created by two members of Betterbearwood, and we were consulted on the look, feel and information provided. Parts of our discussion were interesting, but other parts went right over my head! I’m not really into websites and stuff like that, especially the technical jargon that goes with it all. Sometimes I think the tech guys go over the top and take far too much inspiration from sci-fi like Star Trek, Star Wars and all the others for providing names to gizmos, gadgets and technical issues. Why can’t they just call “a spade a spade” for example rather than ” I tested the core section of the back worksite and weas able to use the ITZ to combine to 221 RTB to flow alongside the SD68-B!” Of course, I just made up all that non-sensical stuff but you get the idea.

Anyway, the evening was drawing to a close and we were just looking to the web designer to create a website that we would be proud to say “we were part of that process” and would encourage others to share and read. Obviously, he was very tech savvy and had spent a great deal of time, effort and thought into creating the design, layout, format and so much more with technical expertise and wizardry. To me, it was like a minefield, but to watch that one person demonstrate what he could do as pretty impressive. When we use websites, we think they are easy on the eye or to us, aesthetically pleasing or boring. Some people, myself included, don’t seem to realise the amount of time is being spent creating just one website. Or, for that matter, do we really apppreciate what they have to offer? It has so far taken almost 6 months to create what looks like a simple, straightforward website, but the webdesigners are so concerned with attention to detail and want to get it right, it is taking longer than expected.

However, he showed us a “dummy” of what the expected or eventual website would look like, and I have to say, all the pain, long hours, effort and hardwork looks as if it will be well worth the wait!

The Learned Kat


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