Searching for NINO pt 2

12 Feb

Last week, I telephoned Her Majestys Revenue and Customs department (HMRC) yet again. Once again, I spoke to an Advisor at a Call Centre, had to repeat the information I had shared on previous occasions about trying to locate my late mothers’ National Insurance Number (NINO)  and eventually was put through to the named person who was dealing with my request.

At last! I thought I had made progress as the Adviosr I spoke to confirmed he had received my written request, had sent a letter in the post and told me to ignore it as communication appeared to have crossed over.
Then, he asked me to confirm details all over again. I was beginning to see red, frustrated at the lack of information given and the repeated questions and answers. I explained several times the reason for my request and the Advisor said he had to pull my letter out in front of him to confirm who I was and cross reference the verbal information with the written communication.
He asked if I was the Executor of the Will, a legal representative or the Administrator? Unfortunately, I had to say neither. He apologised and said that due to the Data Protection Act and the nature of the request, he could not pass on my mothers NINO unless I held any of those roles and responsibilties and could I not obtain that information or consent from the aforementioned? If I could do that, I said, I wouldn’t be wasting my time contacting the HMRC!

So, after trying to request a NINO for several months and negotiate a way forward, I am still left high and dry. Surely I’m not the only person in the UK who is experiencing this difficulty in trying to obtain the NINO for my deceased parent for legitimate reasons? The Advisor at the other end of the phone made every effort to be understanding and in a hushed tone of voice said that that was one of the most common problems faced by people writing in and “people don’t realise the importance of having or knowing their parents National Insurance Number until it’s too late!”

I was provided with the option of speaking to his Supervisor but was told it would be breaching the Data Protection Act if they were to provide me with the relevant number. I ended the call knowing that I had gone full circle on my quest and achieved nothing more than gleaning a new piece of information regarding the protocol of NINOs. I thought there may be a loophole in the legal sytem to make it easier to gain or access a simple number but that is closed. As far as I am aware, the HMRC & NMTS are watertight when it comes to issues and the Data Protection Act.

The link below (which  I found earlier today) provides further useful advice, information & guidance:…

The following steps have been copied and pasted from that particular website:

How to request a deceased person’s National Insurance number from HMRC:

  1. The executor of the will, or the next of kin, should send a written request to the following address:
    Non-match Tracing Section      BP1201      HM Revenue & Customs      NICO      Long Benton      Newcastle-upon-Tyne      NE98 122
  2. In the letter, state the following:      – the deceased’s full name, address and date of birth;      – your relationship to the deceased (executor or next of kin);      – your own National Insurance number to confirm your identity; and      – the reason for your request (for example, you are dealing with the probate process and the number is required to complete certain forms).
  3. Enclose the original – or certified copy – death certificate or grant of probate.

But I would say that where it states Next of Kin, remove that and replace it with ” Administrator of the deceased’s estate or the person that dealt with the affairs of the deceased’s estate”.


The Learned Kat


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