Shopping and the road to nowhere

15 Mar

I was sorting out my clothes the other day, and found a slip of paper, torn out of a note pad and with a perforated edge, in one of the pockets of my quilted brown jacket. The jacket that, when I wear it to go out and it gets too cold, I lift up the collar to keep warm. The only snag with that is the fact it muffles the sounds around me. It’s almost as if I’m wearing headphones and sometimes it makes it impossible to hold a conversation…

Anyway, I found this piece of lined paper and had written a shopping list on the one side:

Distilled clear vinegar

White wine vinegar

Chocolate for baking



Soya milk

2 litres of milk

For some reason, on the other side, I had written this poem or was it lyrics to a song, I’m not sure?

We could wind up on the road to nowhere

We can’t build castles in the air

We could wind up on the road to nowhere

Cos there’s nowhere to run and there’s nowhere to hide

And there’s nowhere we can call our home…

The Learned Kat


2 Responses to “Shopping and the road to nowhere”

  1. redplace March 15, 2013 at 11:51 pm #

    A lovely piece. There is something magical about find old, lost poetry.

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