Craving for more Stars

8 Apr


I’ve been blogging for some time now and I don’t know what it is that can get other bloggers to ‘Like’ my posts. I know I’m looking for recognition and acceptance through all this I suppose. But how do I take it forward? How do I write a post which is read and liked by others?

When I started blogging, I intended to share my baking skills, so took photos of my cakes and posted them on here. I think I must’ve received 1 like. Not that I’m complaining. But what’s the point in sharing stuff if no one is reading  or liking it. Might as well be speaking to a brick wall…Then, I started to share my reviews on book and films. Either I’m not good at writing or expressing my thoughts articulately or my blog is just not good enough… and it doesn’t help when I check my blog everyday to see whether or not I’ve received a little ‘star’ in the right hand corner of my blog. … feel as if I’m beginning to develop self doubt. 

So, I’ve posted cakes, reviews, poetry, political comments, gay issues and attempted to look at the positive side of life. Obviously, it seems to me, that isn’t enough.

I’m in a frame of mind to delete all those posts which have not received any ‘likes’ and start writing about more ‘real’ issues –  pain, death, dreams and aspirations, sickness and ill health, mental health and financial issues. Something more gritty like a real life drama.

Maybe that would bring me the ‘likes’ I so desperately crave?


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