Our 21st Anniversary

14 Apr

We celebrated our 21st Anniversary yesterday. I mean, that appears to be a long time to remain with someone these days. In gay terms, in the  years we’ve spent together, we should’ve been courted, married and divorced hundred times over!

Anyway, what should have been a joyous occasion with friends  turned into a quiet day of cooking for two. But it had to be that way for us as my other half was experiencing severe pain from an abscess in his mouth…so everything planned was low key.

However, we managed to have a lovely day together and enjoyed a delicious home baked  sponge cake split into four layers and filled with fresh double cream, strawberries and dollops of lemon curd, with an ample drizzling of icing and fresh strawberries. I also baked a dozen cupcakes – vanilla sponge topped with fresh strawberries, zest of a lime and blueberries.


21st Anniversary


And a friend dropped by to hand over a bouquet of flowers to say ‘Congratulations!’

orange gerbers in vase


The Learned Kat


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