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Blogging the Blog

11 May

I haven’t been blogging for a few days and I don’t know why. Is it because my mind has gone blank? Writers block? Or is my head full of uninspiring stories and anecdotes that I feel nobody wants to read?

To find an interesting or innovative and creative slant, I’ve been reading other blogs. Do I write a blog about blogging and other blogs? Do I write about how to blog or how to receive more bloggers and make my blog more blog friendly?  Do I blog with links to other blogs? Do I search through all the categories of blogs and freshly pressed and blog what I think or feel on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?

Do I blog about my family or is that subject matter too intrusive, an unwarranted breach of their privacy?

Do I write about my friends  or is that an offence to my friendships? How would they feel if they found out I was writing about them?

Do I write about Coming Out  and the effects it had on me and the impact it had on my life in general?

Do I write about Politics or is that too hot too handle?

Do I write about Religion or is that a taboo subject? Religious matters don’t seem to garner much appeal or ‘Likes’.

Do I write about Fashion and sound like every other blogger who talks about the latest trends, fashions, styles and “must- have” and how their sense of clothing provides an “identity” or gives them “individual scope” , a “feeling of belong” or the “opportunity to express myself and explore various categories as I grow as an individual”?

Do I write about Love and Romance in its many shapes and forms like same sex relationships, heterosexual love, love of family/spouse/relative, love for innate objects or beautiful creatures? Or the more humorous slant like bromance , camaraderie, or sisterly love as depicted in movies and sitcoms?

Do I write about my own interests or hobbies such as gardening or baking or interior design?  That doesn’t seem to fit the bill

Do I write about being unemployed or job hunting or CV’s and resumes. and attending the job centre? Do I write about my struggles and upheavals,  my highs and lows?

Do I write about the world of celebrity and what it means to me? Am I a celebrity or just holding onto my 15 minutes of fame?

Do I write about bereavement. loss and anxiety and recollect memories of loved ones that brings tears to my eyes and feelings of isolations and loneliness?

Do I write about holidays and destinations and upload photos of sun, sand and beaches? Men in greasy overalls, women in traditional dress and children playing in swamps, skips or filthy tips?

Do I write a review on a book. film or group or band that no-one has either heard of, has no intention of reading or has already read or heard  numerous reviews on the web, the local or national newspaper or magazine or the radio?

Do I write poems or haiku? Do I write plays or novellas?

Do I write quirky, descriptive, monosyllabic, technical, clinical, methodical, creatively, intelligently, academically, imaginatively,  scientifically, with inspiration, with motivation, with feeling or sincerity?

Do I analyse, scrutinise, theorise or realise the issues I find around me and situations which move?

Do I express anger, dismay, despair or happiness, dreams and optimism?

The list goes on and on and it becomes more difficult to find a writing style, a topic that would engage the reader  and a market to respond to all that I am.

Blogging starts off with a need, triggers off a form of excitement and then can be disheartening.

Blogging can be quite depressing!


The Learned Kat