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A candle flickers no more

7 Jul

A candle for Sandra

A poem created in memory of Sandra.

A candle that flickers in a darkened room

Alone sits a woman shrouded in gloom

A friend I treasured, a woman of strength

that fell from her heart with tragic events

A lost husband

A daughter in youth

A sister in health

that went in her sleep

A fall out I had and never reclaimed

A woman of substance

that drained from her soul

She’s gone to the  Heavens

A sign from above

She’ll meet all her Loved Ones

united in Death

A smouldering candle

flickers no more.

The Learned Kat


Concrete Summer

6 Jul


My partner was sunbathing this morning and suddenly, this poem came to him. He immediately wrote it down and handed it me. I was so impressed by the simplicity and meaning of the subject matter, I thought it ought to be shared on my blog.

Bee 1



A flower blooms

It must be June

Alone a butterfly flaps

its wings

A robin sings

its merry tune

No other birds to join the chorus


The bees are gone and seldom seen

What’s happened to this

Natures Call?

We dig our gardens

and slab them all

No place for Nature

to hold its Ball

Carry on and park your cars

in driveways,

gardens to see no more.


Manchester 35


The Learned Kat

Some People

4 Jul

Millenium point structure

Some people are worth investing your time

Other people won’t give you a dime

Some people are laughs a minute

For others, humour is like climbing a summit


Some people are rays of sunshine

Other people are cold as moonshine

Some people are givers of life

Other people are nothing but strife


Some people add colour and more

Other people break down the door

Some people are generous to a fault

Other people will rob your vaults


Some people are humble and kind

Other people are rude and maligned

Some people bring beauty and truth

Other people spit ugly lies through the tooth


Some people are elegant and rare

Other people are brash like a fair

Some people dance like Fred Astaire

Other people dance like a bear without flair


Some people are warm and inviting

Other people are cold and biting

Some people are a joyous celebration

Other people are a sad frustration


Some people are laughter and

live life to the full

Other people are walking disasters and

and make life so dull


Some people are happy

to live as One

Other people are angry

until their War is Won

Some people embrace all humanity

Other people chase the entity


Some people open doors and welcome change

Other people close walls and climb deranged

Some people are hopeless romantics

Other people are hapless and frantic


Some people are lifelong friends

Some people are enemies until the bitter end.


Some people…



3 Jul

Drop me a line

Words mean a lot to me:


Words like ” I miss you”
Words like “I love you”



Beacon of Hope in Manchester

Waiting on me

1 Jul

Willows in vase

For I am broken

and my world is at a loss

I sat and looked out the window

Thought of you parading in the garden

running through the fields

waiting for me…

Water feature 1


Circles of blue

glow and grow around my view

tasted tears of milk and dew

fresh was the sky that called on you

ran the web of life

waiting on you

view from back of garden 2


Soft was the earth

your tread so light

butterflies and bees

crept through the night

dainty was your heart’s desire

foreign was your blood on fire

trickles of laughter heard through the home

Whispers of love left me alone


Purple wicker 2

Millennium days and holidays

earmarked me and faraways

I lost your soul

in the night so called #

when the life ran deep

you left in your sleep

and dreams were kept

waiting on me

Purple planter on grass