Waiting on me

1 Jul

Willows in vase

For I am broken

and my world is at a loss

I sat and looked out the window

Thought of you parading in the garden

running through the fields

waiting for me…

Water feature 1


Circles of blue

glow and grow around my view

tasted tears of milk and dew

fresh was the sky that called on you

ran the web of life

waiting on you

view from back of garden 2


Soft was the earth

your tread so light

butterflies and bees

crept through the night

dainty was your heart’s desire

foreign was your blood on fire

trickles of laughter heard through the home

Whispers of love left me alone


Purple wicker 2

Millennium days and holidays

earmarked me and faraways

I lost your soul

in the night so called #

when the life ran deep

you left in your sleep

and dreams were kept

waiting on me

Purple planter on grass




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