Still: Life in the UK

19 Nov



Ban the Burka!

Burn the Bra!

Stop the Mileys from

Shaking their arse!

Raise the Flag!

Draw the Line!

East meets West

Still isn’t fine

Hike energy prices

Lower the wages

MP’s still

claiming expenses

Foodbanks and pawn shops

are on the increase

How can this nation

be so obese?

Immigration borders

out of control

Areas deprived like

Living in a Blackhole

Shares are rising

Debts are spiralling

Speak to the Many

seems like

Streets are calling

Celebrity Culture

seems the Future

Quick fix faces and

Career Endorsements

Selfies and Twerkin’

in the Oxford Dictionary

Whilst children are dyin’

in the Philippines

Yes, Raise the Flag!

Hide woes in a bag

Real life is becoming

a drag

Create a bubble

Don’t speak of your troubles

looks like

Fake Life is preferable.

The Learned Kat


2 Responses to “Still: Life in the UK”

  1. gpeynon November 19, 2013 at 11:07 am #

    Wow. So many issues tied up in just few words. Well done.

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