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30 Jan

clock 1

I waited but you didn’t come
I waited but you weren’t there
I waited for the knock at the door
anticipated text, a jaunty phone call.

I waited for what seemed like endless hours,
minutes ticking, seconds weren’t hours.
I waited, made excuses, reasons, cut my losses,
day dreamed and fantasised.

I waited.

clock 2

I waited to see your face
glad to feel a warm embrace
hear your history and stories made

I waited.

clock 3

I waited for the cold to subside,
doors open, freezing inside.

I waited for you to call my name
rooms look tidy like a picture framed,
perfume wafting like a hurricane.

I waited for you to arrive.
I waited for you to come

clock 4

I waited
waited and waited.
WAITED until I was wasted.


The Learned Kat

clock 5


If Only I could Kiss You

7 Jan

Love Cake

If only I could kiss you

Wash away your pain

Take you in my arms

and whisper your name

Stroke your hair so gently

Press your lips against me…


If only…



The Learned Kat



Bald-ly going where I’ve never gone before

4 Jan

A_Y6o4QCMAAfBby[1]        Khakan Shaved head1

My hair is now gone, like Samson, the razor won.

A new look created, a New Year begun,

Hair shorn off, male pride is done

Masculine and virility

A sign of things to come.

Hair is the message

The bald pate pressed on

Losing my hair.

shaved it off

But not quite!

Had no choice but to shave it off

The lack of hair I used to scoff

Years looking after it

took its toll

if going bald is mandatory

feel the head shave can liberate me.