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Sorry I missed you

13 Jun

Dear Blog,
I am sorry that I have missed you for so long, I’ve neglected you since…the end of January!
But what have I done since then? What took me away from you for so long?
First of all, my other half won a small fortune and we went on a spending spree! We practically redecorated the house from top to bottom, changing furniture, adding accessories, upcycling mirrors and picture frames…it was a great feeling to splash out. But the fortune was short-lived. Success turned to sadness when we were both confirmed as Type 2 Diabetics…
I’m controlling it with diet whilst my other half, from not touching medication or visiting the GP is now on 14 tablets a day. It just doesn’t seem fair…He’s lost 2.5 stones in weight, trying to manage his under active thyroid and constantly worries about his body image. The weight loss has turned his once muscular arms and legs into saggy, wrinkly extremities. He looks gaunt and unhappy. I know he is highly anxious but he tells me we have to “deal with it” and mange our lives as best we can.

In return, what happened to me? I woke up one morning and I went into the bathroom. But I found I couldn’t move as my back “locked in”. Cut a long story short, I was rushed into A & E, prescribed with diazepam and told it’ll take a week or two to recover. Well, blog, it’s hasn’t. I’ve been prescribed with Co-codamol, tramadol 10mg and then 50mg, Amitryptaline. I weaned myself off them but experienced severe withdrawal symptoms for a week. Now I know how an addict must feel…I found it extremely difficult to walk for 10 weeks, was referred to physiotherapy, acupuncture and had an MRI scan. It showed up that I have compression of the spine leading to a bulging disc. I may need surgery on my back, but I wouldn’t know until I speak to the Orthopaedic. I’m just so fed up of being ill!!
Since hitting a certain age, it’s almost as if we have joined an exclusive club of the walking wounded. All the ailments we seemed to have staved off for a number of years seems to have hit us all at once!
I’m sorry to be so negative after so long.
Next time I write, I’ll try and be more positive.

The Learned Kat