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Drop The Facade

27 Feb

Melancholia shrouds my soul

Life stormy on the brink of a hell hole

fingers burning with black flames

heavy heart laden with pain

tears dripping amulets of blood

life ebbing a drought not floods

cases of anarchy explode in my brain

counting on Two, keeping me sane

a life faltering, falling free

enclosed in a den of devilish men

Take a knife and slice the cord



The Victorian Era in 2015

27 Feb

I haven’t been on here for ages. So much has happened since my last post, and I may be able to write about it in the near future, but for now, I will share this poem:

The stresses of my life are bringing me down gone are the days when I smiled like a clown brain activity pounding on my crown dead are my thoughts – racing – breaking me down, cold is my heart tearing me apart government sanctions and interventions corpses created without stimulation smoking weed restrictions taking no heed, patois speakers taking the lead, no money mo’ problems, calling suicide at the door, rock bottom life hitting the floor.

crazy like a fox, sitting around scratching at my face wanting to use a loaded mace, suicide beckons, a slash of the wrist, take a tumble, pretend you’re pissed. Weight bearing down, life closing in, Loved ones departed, you’re living in sin. Tension mounts, and bodies grow hard While fat cats of London, circle the Shard We’re not The Simpsons or in a Rainbow world Rep 3
People’s lives are messing by the cruel cruel Lords While fat cats of London, circle the Shard. We’re not The Simpsons or in a Rainbow world, people’s lives are messing by the cruel cruel Lords.

Some People Are Gaysian – Get Over It!

17 Feb

I know I have been silent for a very long time…but here’s an article I wrote for Media Diversified

Media Diversified

by Khakan Qureishi

Speaking outLast year, I participated in a project whose aim was to explore the issues surrounding people who identify as LGBT amongst South Asian communities in the UK. The interviewer asked the following three questions:

1) Why are LGBT South Asians still “hidden”?

2) Why aren’t there any visible role models of South Asian LGBT individuals?

3) Is being LGBT still a “taboo” amongst South Asian communities?

The media student who initiated the project at Bournemouth University told me that she hadn’t had many responses to her request to interview people, and that those who had responded were only prepared to speak on audio equipment or wished to remain anonymous in the written word. I was the only one willing to speak on camera.

I’ve come across many similar situations. In my experience people who identify as LGBT are more likely to keep their orientation or gender identity…

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