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20 Mar

Fill your boots

Feed the fever

Follow the fortress

of Fortune,

Filthy rich and Fashionistas

Fate fornicates

with feathered fairies

Fellow Fame

frisks the faces of the Fair

Fast and fickle friendships

fancy free and frivolous

fake tans and false smiles

like a freight train,

feel the fear,

a few foolish fibs and fabricated lives

fleecing the system

fraught floppy files

fastidious fathers

fought for their lives


(c) The Learned Kat


The Power of Quiet People

19 Mar

Re-blogging this as it resonates with me

Avid Scribbler

Quiet by Susan Cain Photo (c) AvidScribbler Quiet by Susan Cain
Photo (c) AvidScribbler

Yesterday I attended a programme where part of the process included an assessment day for budding entrepreneurs. It ended up becoming one of those days where I questioned myself as an entrepreneur and began to doubt my ability to succeed in a business world that is becoming increasingly louder, crowded and noisier than ever before.

Following several remarks made by the CEO of the programme, which largely focused on my quiet-working nature, I was left feeling very mixed and ended up doing a lot of soul searching afterwards in a cafe. I genuinely felt like something was wrong with me and I began wondering if it was possible for quiet people to succeed in the business world and as entrepreneurs.

I want to discuss the nature of introverts and whether or not they have the capability to become successful change makers and create long…

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The Status of a Zombie

16 Mar

Once, I knew where

my life was leading

But now I have nothing at all

I don’t have any tears to shed

as the worries have bled me dry

Debt mounting up and

ambition ebbing

heartache burning and breathing slowing

The numbness I feel is immense

And that’s the irony

Or is it a paradox?

I feel and yet I don’t feel

I am nothing but a Zombie

Awake yet not awake

Dead but not dead.

But I might as well be

For I have nothing

Nothing to my name to make me feel


The man without status.


Is it important to me?

Yes, it is.


Without standing for recognition and acceptance

in this world

We have nothing

We are nobodies

I am a Nobody

I am _________

I am

I am a face without a name

I am lost

I am a man without a clause

in a contract

A contract to give me status

Status in life  brings

food on the table

Better wellbeing and health

Attracts new people and experiences

Attracts – like flies around shit

Without status, treated like shit

That’s ironic isn’t it?

Irony or paradox


A man without status

might as well be a Zombie.


(c) The Learned Kat CF7