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Hungarian Crisis

22 Sep


Close the borders

Sink the ships

Close your eyes

Hear the lies

Wretched Syrian lives

Watch young children die

Read the papers

Step away from the Haters

Block out the whispers

Could be your sisters

Rock the boat

Young children float

Beach babe lies asleep for eternity.

Feel the pain

This crisis is insane

ISIS inhumane

Cameron to blame

Him and Tony are the same

Weapons of Mass Destruction

or oil finery construction

Whatever the story

It’s Middle East devastation

A migrant exodus

Refugee lives are precious

Compassion is what binds us

Love nurtures us

Young men are crying

Innocence is smiling

Through the rain

We can never understand,

It’s not so plain

In the UK hostility is just a game

Hosting is to blame

And the land is full of aliens

“Leave the education!

Tear down NHS!

Rip Off the Benefits Systems!”

Prejudice. Selfishness. Hate.

Train ride is serious

Walking on foot delirious

News reports people are generous

Hungarian Crisis

What becomes of Us?

Hungarian Crisis

What will become of Us?

Women lying in the lay-by

Police waiting to say Goodbye

waving batons to push aside

Syrian bombing

Nowhere to hide…