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When you want to say I love You

10 Aug

When you want to say I love You
But can’t find the words
Your heart fills with pride
And it feels fit to burst
The mouth runs dry
Because you know it’s not a lie
Eyes smart with water
Precious moments are not on a meter
Questions run through the mind
Like neon lights constantly online
Wanting to embrace but the distance is too great
Time sweeps by
And the words get caught in the maelstrom of life


We Are All Growing Older

10 Aug

We are all growing older
Some grow bitter
Some grow better
Laughter lines turn into wrinkles
Eyes lose their sparkle
Only shine with nostalgia
Tight jeans become rigid genes
Supple limbs become arthritic hymns
Singing of pain and discomfort
Sweet quiet voices become loud angry noises
Deafening the care giver
Irritating the partner
Sweaty hot love becomes dirty cold words
Deep conversations become short sharp snaps
Of instructions and prompts
The Great Outdoors becomes a walk in the yard
Gym work out and Instagram
Becomes a filtered memory
As glamour fades and old age raves