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The State of Humanity

24 Sep

I despair at the state of humanity
Those without faith questionning religiosity
Those with religion frowning on sexuality
Those faux superiority spitting on ethnicity
The able bodied mocking those with disability
The patriotic bowing down to patriarchy
Social class creating a world of exclusivity
Selfie absorbed people can’t create harmony
Narcisstic souls break down savagely
When questioned on their “individuality”
Highlighting the differences deliberately
When humans should focus on similarity
When we build a global community
Only then we might achieve equality

The Equality Act 2010PhotoGrid_1494866945954.jpg


December Rain

18 Dec

December Rain

The green cavalcade worms it way through dry, arid sands before it retreats,
White sirens call for help
Whilst white helmets dip their hands in warm decay
Lift out souls day to day

A city once thriving
A population once living
A story hard to believe in
A young man hides in a room
With nervous voice at ready
Tells the world
The rain is heavy

December rain.

Choke back the tears
Don’t realise the fears
He seems like the walking dead
He keeps his sanity
On the brink of insanity
He loosens his tongue instead.

He describes the conditions
The loss of medication
The need for salvation
The loneliness and isolation
He focuses on the living
Like rats in a dark room
His words are full of pain
As he tries to ignore the rain

December rain.

He names the West for lack of trying
A sad regime keeps fighting the dying
Hearing voices he ignores the calling
The rain non stop, continues falling

December rain

He speaks from a cold empty space
Describes his world as a dark, dark waste
Saliva on his lips like honey would taste
As his eyes wide open says
There is no haste

For the December rain
Keeps burning down
Hot like fire
It’s a burning hell
Freedom for the fighters
Rebellious, pray tell
Dropped by the President
The rain has a shell.


Hungarian Crisis

22 Sep


Close the borders

Sink the ships

Close your eyes

Hear the lies

Wretched Syrian lives

Watch young children die

Read the papers

Step away from the Haters

Block out the whispers

Could be your sisters

Rock the boat

Young children float

Beach babe lies asleep for eternity.

Feel the pain

This crisis is insane

ISIS inhumane

Cameron to blame

Him and Tony are the same

Weapons of Mass Destruction

or oil finery construction

Whatever the story

It’s Middle East devastation

A migrant exodus

Refugee lives are precious

Compassion is what binds us

Love nurtures us

Young men are crying

Innocence is smiling

Through the rain

We can never understand,

It’s not so plain

In the UK hostility is just a game

Hosting is to blame

And the land is full of aliens

“Leave the education!

Tear down NHS!

Rip Off the Benefits Systems!”

Prejudice. Selfishness. Hate.

Train ride is serious

Walking on foot delirious

News reports people are generous

Hungarian Crisis

What becomes of Us?

Hungarian Crisis

What will become of Us?

Women lying in the lay-by

Police waiting to say Goodbye

waving batons to push aside

Syrian bombing

Nowhere to hide…

Newsflash! A Poem

6 Aug

Newsflash! A Poem:



Swimming in the opposite directions of life,
I’m appalled at the state of humanity.
Newspaper reports mediocrity
Miley Cyrus reportage still feeding the media frenzy
Gaza claims Israel the enemy
missiles shooting schools anomaly
children dumped in fridges immorally
soldiers beheading civilians horrifically
Government tact, so leisurely
playing the diplomats act – idiocracy.



An MP resigns over policy
Another ceasefire – hypocrisy
Demonstrations worldwide, society
sharing shocking pictures regularly.
News readers report neutrally
Screaming women cry manically
Burkas and Hijabs bleeding profusely
4 children on the beach killed instantly.
Profound the impact of civilian mentality
Honouring the dead over a century
Yet rejoicing or rejecting the brutality
of modern politics in a divided country.

And now, over to the weather.



A Single Blessing

5 Jul


I was invited to a housewarming party by a Sikh acquaintance. Well, actually, he’s not an “acquaintance”. He’s an old school friend but after our college years, we went our separate ways. We rekindled our friendship several years ago after bumping into each other on the street.

But I digress…The housewarming was really a low key event, and can only be described as a “blessing”. The holy Sikh scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib was placed on a low bookstand and we sat around it whilst verses were recited, chanted and absorbed.

It was embarrassing for me as I couldn’t understand the spoken word or even its meaning. I heard several words here and there that just about provide me with the general gist of the reading: it seemed that the recitations were about “bringing harmony, sweetness and peace” to the loves of those who live within and for those who visited the home.

Although I couldn’t understand, my spirits were lifted and felt a sense of belonging.

For all of 30 minutes, it offered up an opportunity to relax, meditate and reflect on past events. For me, not only was it a “blessing” for the house, but a blessing just to be invited to the occasion.


The Learned Kat

Still: Life in the UK

19 Nov



Ban the Burka!

Burn the Bra!

Stop the Mileys from

Shaking their arse!

Raise the Flag!

Draw the Line!

East meets West

Still isn’t fine

Hike energy prices

Lower the wages

MP’s still

claiming expenses

Foodbanks and pawn shops

are on the increase

How can this nation

be so obese?

Immigration borders

out of control

Areas deprived like

Living in a Blackhole

Shares are rising

Debts are spiralling

Speak to the Many

seems like

Streets are calling

Celebrity Culture

seems the Future

Quick fix faces and

Career Endorsements

Selfies and Twerkin’

in the Oxford Dictionary

Whilst children are dyin’

in the Philippines

Yes, Raise the Flag!

Hide woes in a bag

Real life is becoming

a drag

Create a bubble

Don’t speak of your troubles

looks like

Fake Life is preferable.

The Learned Kat

Choice For Women: Page 3, The Burka & Miley Cyrus

19 Nov

First of all, let me make this clear. I am not a misogynistic gay man. But I do feel that I need to write about several issues which have been hitting the headlines lately, both concerning the attire of women and the portrayal of women in the media.

Let’s start with the Page 3 Girls. Now, most people, mainly men from of various ages and backgrounds, buy The Sun newspaper to “ogle the boobs on Page 3” apparently. In the early 80’s there was a campaign to try and stop The Sun newspaper from publishing such images as women, and some men, felt it was demeaning, degrading and objectifying women. The campaign trail failed. The women who were anti “Page 3 Girls” were vilified, ridiculed and mocked mercilessly.

IN the 1990’s, women who had such “glamorous” career  paths were repackaged and redefined. CHOICE became the buzz word and most women who paraded on TV, Videos or magazines in bikinis, in porn, on Page 3 and other such media went around proclaiming it was “their choice” and choice became a word we had to learn to RESPECT. The whole “Choice” issue was embodied  by the likes of The Spice Girls as “Girl Power”. But lets not forget that the management behind these “girls” were all men. So, the issue of “Girl Power!” and Female Empowerment is a bit lost on me here because it certainly did not redefine women as being liberating, independent or strong. The strings were still being controlled by men.

Some women loved the whole glamorous package. Other women loathed and despised it. Most men appeared to love it. Even gay men adored the likes of The Spice Girls and Page 3 Model/businesswoman Jordan/Katie Price for being so feisty, in-your-face and ballsy.  I mean, which gay men doesn’t love a Diva?

But then, “Girl Power” appeared to fall on hard times. 9/11 occurred, the recession came and escapism came in the form of music videos and the internet, mainly YouTube and Social Media. Sex was beginning to sell and be downloaded on the small screen a billion times over.

Hand in hand with this was the rise of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiments. Women of a certain background appeared more and more in the public eye. In the streets of London, Birmingham and other major cities, women in Burkas, Niqabs and Hijabs appeared. People felt intimidated, others wearing said attire were harassed or bullied, some threatened with violence. Debates were and are struck up time and time again. Is it culture, tradition, faith or a form of oppression?  Whatever we say, the more educated women who covers her face would say it is her “choice” to wear the Burka or Niqab, whether we like it or not.

Personally, I don’t agree with it as I believe most communication is from facial expression and body language. I see enough women in Burka/Niqab who have deliberately made up their eyes with mascara, eye shadow and liner in an attempt to flirt with men. I’ve seen  women in  Burka shoplifting in charity/thrift shops and other local stores, women in Burka smoking, swearing, wearing what is deemed to be “items of a more masculine attire” like adidas trainers, hoodies, and such like. Which, to me, defies what wearing a burka is all about. But nowhere in the Koran does it say that a woman should wear a burka. It states that a woman should be covered to retain her modesty. Don’t forget, even here in the Western World it was once shocking for a woman to show her ankle, then not to have her skirt above the knee…but with the invention of the mini-skirt in the sexual revolution of the 60s, it all changed…

In France, they banned the Burka for not being in line with French culture or the law of their land. In the UK, similar calls have been introduced and debated but has so far, failed  miserably. The Metropolitan College in Birmingham called for a ban but it proved very unsuccessful as students complained and there was a protest outside the grounds with lots of media coverage. Again, young women said it was freedom of choice, liberating, an expression of sisterhood and identity.

The female dress or costume worn is about identity and the image you either wish to portray or the moral values you wish to maintain. Keep in mind, women talk about those special words “Choice & Respect”. Most educated women or those of a more fortunate status  choose to do what they want, wear what they want, demand and have to be respected. Equal Opportunities and all that…

But now, we also have yet another campaign led by Gender equality groups UK Feminista and Object who joined forces with lawyers to launch the Lose the Lads’ Mags campaign earlier this year. They have successfully, encouraged the Co-op convenience store, to remove “Nuts” and “Loaded” off their shelves. The group in question cites “exploitation, objectifying women, pornographic, sexualisation, embarrassing for children to ask what that magazine is all about and why is she showing her boobs, mommy?” and so on.


Where is the Choice, Respect and “Girl Power” when it comes to magazines?

Then, we have another hot topic which is Miley Cyrus and her “twerking” antics and behaviour on stage. If she wants to dance and parade around semi-naked, is that not her choice? I don’t think she is naïve to the music industry as some people claim. Let’s get this straight. She started off very young with Disney Studios portraying a very squeaky clean character, yet another product of Disney Studios. She had a few minor hits with a young audience. But as Miley Cyrus, how do we know what sort of person Miley is or was behind the scenes? She could be very mature beyond her years. She could be a very spoilt brat. She could be highly sexed…She could be a number of things or labelled in a certain way. We’re not to know for now. All we have is an impression of a 20 year old young woman cavorting on stage  in practically next to nothing. She probably grew up watching Madonna singing “Like A Virgin”, Britney singing at the age of 16 “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, saw Rihanna and Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga. Like most young women, as a singer/actor she is probably emulating and  searching to find her own identity. Maybe she has found it. Either way, she has gone from relative obscure starlet to overnight global superstar. And who is either downloading her songs or watching her videos? I should imagine the demographics covers a lot of ground, and has risen into billions.

As an aside, when Nicki Minaj, a black woman cavorts in her bikini on stage and in her videos no-one seems to complain. It almost sends out a bizarre racial message that “White Women don’t” or “Nice white girls like Miley don’t twerk or shouldn’t”.

I’d more than likely offend by saying this but to me, it all seems to amount to either office gossip, insecure jealousies and rivalries…

But I digress. Remember the Choice and Respect words? That leaves me in a quandary right now. Why? Because there a calls to ban page 3 girls, magazines which “objectify women/make them look pornographic” numerous discussions on Miley Cyrus and her behaviour, burkas and hijabs…banning campaigns from one extreme to another. I have to think who is making all these calls to ban? Mainly Women, who are inclined to say we are fighting for the Sisterhood, Women uniting, Choice & Respect. Would these women who want to ban all these items rather have quaint images of women serving food in the kitchen for publications such as Homes & Gardens, Ideal Homes or OK! magazines? Those magazines are in huge demand of late and sales are increasing…If the Campaigners do, then it says a lot about how far the Women’s Liberation Movement has come…


The Learned Kat