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The Far Pavilions

22 Mar


With a heavy heart I wandered the streets

felt the pain of travel upon my feet
Absorbed the culture of an unknown beach
Crossed into lanes for treasures out of reach
Golden globes from India
I had to eat
Sat in the Pavilions
Under the mid day heat
Walked along the Pier
No one did I greet
Took myself along the promenade
My thoughts did I keep
Sat in a café drank tea
Wanted to weep
Heard jazz music
My soul did not leap
Browsed by bars
Did not take a seat
Welcomed in a church
Heard 99 words in a beat
Invited to dinner
C’est Magnifique
In a strangers’ home
Did we speak

Without a blessing
I fell asleep




Newsflash! A Poem

6 Aug

Newsflash! A Poem:



Swimming in the opposite directions of life,
I’m appalled at the state of humanity.
Newspaper reports mediocrity
Miley Cyrus reportage still feeding the media frenzy
Gaza claims Israel the enemy
missiles shooting schools anomaly
children dumped in fridges immorally
soldiers beheading civilians horrifically
Government tact, so leisurely
playing the diplomats act – idiocracy.



An MP resigns over policy
Another ceasefire – hypocrisy
Demonstrations worldwide, society
sharing shocking pictures regularly.
News readers report neutrally
Screaming women cry manically
Burkas and Hijabs bleeding profusely
4 children on the beach killed instantly.
Profound the impact of civilian mentality
Honouring the dead over a century
Yet rejoicing or rejecting the brutality
of modern politics in a divided country.

And now, over to the weather.



Respect for Elders

19 Jul


At the same occasion of the House blessing, something else was highlighted to me – that being, no matter how old we are, we still seem to bow down to the commands, requests and directives of our elders.

This feeling was compounded by my Sikh friend, aged 44 and a teacher at a Secondary/High school. He invited me into his home, I accepted. We were or are 2 people with common interests, independence and our own family units.

So, he called me in. He offered me a seat, which I accepted as I had already explained the physical symptoms of my back pain. But just when I was about to open the folding chair which was proffered, his older brother made an accusatory remark and commented that I should sit on the floor as a mark of respect to the Guru Granth Sahib (the Sikh Holy Scripture) and to the others who were present, sitting cross legged on the floor. I was embarrassed and without further ado, I complied to the bidding of the elder. I sat on the floor, albeit in an uneasy and uncomfortable fashion.


Afterwards, my friend asked : “When my brother asked you to sit down, did you feel like a child?”

“Yes”, I replied.

“I’m sorry,” he said “I felt so embarrassed for you. My brother does that to people.”


We agreed that it wasn’t so much his brothers approach , but the attitude or response we provided in return. Even though I’m 44, it’s only now, in the last 3 years that I’ve attempted to speak my mind, be outspoken and assertive towards my own siblings. I keep telling them that I;m not 12 or 126 anymore. I have my own life, issues and challenges to face without being treated further like a child.

My friend and I conceded that the relationships and boundaries we have with our own Elders is a challenge in itself and a cultural attitude which needs to be addressed and the cycle broken.



30 Jan

clock 1

I waited but you didn’t come
I waited but you weren’t there
I waited for the knock at the door
anticipated text, a jaunty phone call.

I waited for what seemed like endless hours,
minutes ticking, seconds weren’t hours.
I waited, made excuses, reasons, cut my losses,
day dreamed and fantasised.

I waited.

clock 2

I waited to see your face
glad to feel a warm embrace
hear your history and stories made

I waited.

clock 3

I waited for the cold to subside,
doors open, freezing inside.

I waited for you to call my name
rooms look tidy like a picture framed,
perfume wafting like a hurricane.

I waited for you to arrive.
I waited for you to come

clock 4

I waited
waited and waited.
WAITED until I was wasted.


The Learned Kat

clock 5

Would I let you in?

25 Oct

Inspired by Oz


If you came to my door
Would I let you in?

If you came & said I’m sorry

Would I let you in?

If you lay on my bed

& allowed me to caress your chest

Would I let you in?

If you saw the night sky

& the fireworks burst by

Would I let you in?

If you stayed by my side

& held my hand

Would I let you in?

If you called my name

& cried the same

Would I let you in?

If you fed me more lies

until the day I died

Would I let you in?

If you ran naked down the street

blood running off your feet

Would I let you in?

If you gave me your heart

until death do us part

Would I let you in?


If you came knocking at my door

Would I let you in?

Would I?


The Smiling Ghost

22 Oct

Falling sculptures


That night you slept like a ghost

suffering deep in the shadows

falling from clear glass skies

diving into memories of the 80’s

picking up images of hope

Then leaving with nothing but a smile

Watching The World

28 Sep



Antiques 1


I am

watching the world screaming the headlines

masses tweeting tweets

chattering classes

nattering faces on books for fools

ogling not Googling on Youtube channels

dirty faces needing a towel

needles thrown dirty in The Channel

Syrian wars and Nairobi crimes

child pornography & criminal minds

pension prizes leaves no surprises

Council binmen could hire the Hitmen

drugs of white lines

MPs drawing time & expensive red wine

schools closing

children suffering

Fashion followers & football swallowing millions

to kick a ball

Doctors doctoring, nurses bellowing

stop the Aged taking falls

diet debating & pie stuffed faces

can’t bend down to tie our laces

energy supplies higher, internet usage slower

& still we are fixed to our screens.

Animals are dying, fish no longer diving &

still we think we are Green.

Big Brother watching,

Sat Navs are not matching routes and the

Rulers rule on.

People keep living

Miley Cyrus keeps twerking

& The World stops still for no-one.

Death is defying

Life is denying

& the Lives of Loved Ones have gone.

The Headlines are crying

The World is dying

& yet we fight to live on

With What?

Rep 3

The Learned Kat