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Mashal Khan

16 Apr

A child was brought into the world
He was an inquisitive, open minded child.

How do I learn he said
You learn by asking questions they said

He went to school
and asked questions
What an intelligent boy they said
I am a smart boy he said
How do I learn about the world he said
You start by asking questions they said.

Then he went to college
This is a safe space they said
I’ve got lots of questions he said.

And he asked and asked until he passed
And off to university he went

Join the discussion and debate they said
Can I ask a question he said

So he asked
And the room turned silent
And on him they turned
And the silence turned to stone

You ask too many questions they said
And shoved him out the room
He’s a blasphemer they said
And pushed him to the ground

Please help me he said
But they stamped on his head
They stamped, stamped, stamped
Until he was dead, dead, dead.


Orlando Jo

1 Jul

My brain is being bombarded by death all around,
Voices are grieving and spirits are weeping,
the laughter is dying and mothers are crying, fathers spout hatred while Lovers are hiding, music is fading and sirens are blaring,
MPs are screaming and Muslims are praying Death to the Infidels!
Wet are the tears of my blood on your hands
Silenced is my shock if the world takes a stand.