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The State of Humanity

24 Sep

I despair at the state of humanity
Those without faith questionning religiosity
Those with religion frowning on sexuality
Those faux superiority spitting on ethnicity
The able bodied mocking those with disability
The patriotic bowing down to patriarchy
Social class creating a world of exclusivity
Selfie absorbed people can’t create harmony
Narcisstic souls break down savagely
When questioned on their “individuality”
Highlighting the differences deliberately
When humans should focus on similarity
When we build a global community
Only then we might achieve equality

The Equality Act 2010PhotoGrid_1494866945954.jpg


100 Gay Men In Chechnya

23 Apr

100 gay men in Chechnya
Singled out by homophobia
Seeking refuge or Asylum seeker
Persecuted by Russian Torturers
Crucified by Chechen Leader
The actions of police lambasted in UK by a Gay Minister
Petitions are called by political provocateurs
News provided by unknown reporters
Concentration camps or detention centres
No one steps forward to be a mediator
Media reports genuine cases or imitators
Shocked by the news
Shared by social commentators
Putin speaks to Kadyrov the Eliminator
All the people bow down to the Dictator
Wants to rid the gays in Chechnya after Easter
Denying their existence he calls The Punisher
“No reason or evidence to purge gays in Chechnya”
LGBT Activists argue who’s the better campaigner
Mainly in Western culture grow the Protester
where are the marches for the LGBT in India
Who spoke against the gays thrown off high towers
Donations by the day to the fundraiser
Rubs his hands in glee is the Administrator
A signed petition to the German Chancellor
3 anonymous men speak of the horrors
Unnamed sources reach out to the news investigator
No concrete evidence state the distracters
Is it real or elaborate hoaxers
Story spreads over social media
100 men is an accurate number
Is it exact or propaganda
Hidden behind bars we are left to wonder
What ever the truth or how high the number
As the story unfolds it could be mass murder

Of 100 gay men in Chechnya
Singled out by homophobia

Mashal Khan

16 Apr

A child was brought into the world
He was an inquisitive, open minded child.

How do I learn he said
You learn by asking questions they said

He went to school
and asked questions
What an intelligent boy they said
I am a smart boy he said
How do I learn about the world he said
You start by asking questions they said.

Then he went to college
This is a safe space they said
I’ve got lots of questions he said.

And he asked and asked until he passed
And off to university he went

Join the discussion and debate they said
Can I ask a question he said

So he asked
And the room turned silent
And on him they turned
And the silence turned to stone

You ask too many questions they said
And shoved him out the room
He’s a blasphemer they said
And pushed him to the ground

Please help me he said
But they stamped on his head
They stamped, stamped, stamped
Until he was dead, dead, dead.


30 Jan

There is beauty in the kindness of strangers
Defending the weak from foul mouthed words
The vulnerable seeking support against abusive tirade
Black woman scorned and brown mate sworn at just for the colour of skin

There is beauty in the
Kindness of strangers
A bus full of “ethnicity”
Made to feel insecure by the majority
Unspoken words vocalised by a drunken minority
Anger fuelled by a dichotomy
Tissues at the ready
Snot smeared on the seat next to an ugly personality
Words of hate from lips of a woman who sounds like she’d had a lobotomy

Spitting sounds please call the psychiatry
Barriers created because there’s no chemistry
Skinny white woman shouts don’t look at me!
Black Swan responds don’t bother me
Brown English man in Green suit says no more bigotry

Hate filled words pollute the air with no dignity
Crash claimed hearts with vulgarity
Man came to part with some words of clarity
Took down the drunk with his love for community
Mate call the police for your sanity
Strange kind words spoke for humanity.

There is kindness in the beauty of strangers.

I am not a Beauty

5 Jan

I am not a Beauty
I am a Beast
There is a sadness in the air
Like Zombies walking, there is no care
No respect for the living
Forgotten are the dying
Dignity is the word of the past
The last one hundred years changed so fast
The World decaying, Love will not last.

I am not a Beauty
I am a Beast

December Rain

18 Dec

December Rain

The green cavalcade worms it way through dry, arid sands before it retreats,
White sirens call for help
Whilst white helmets dip their hands in warm decay
Lift out souls day to day

A city once thriving
A population once living
A story hard to believe in
A young man hides in a room
With nervous voice at ready
Tells the world
The rain is heavy

December rain.

Choke back the tears
Don’t realise the fears
He seems like the walking dead
He keeps his sanity
On the brink of insanity
He loosens his tongue instead.

He describes the conditions
The loss of medication
The need for salvation
The loneliness and isolation
He focuses on the living
Like rats in a dark room
His words are full of pain
As he tries to ignore the rain

December rain.

He names the West for lack of trying
A sad regime keeps fighting the dying
Hearing voices he ignores the calling
The rain non stop, continues falling

December rain

He speaks from a cold empty space
Describes his world as a dark, dark waste
Saliva on his lips like honey would taste
As his eyes wide open says
There is no haste

For the December rain
Keeps burning down
Hot like fire
It’s a burning hell
Freedom for the fighters
Rebellious, pray tell
Dropped by the President
The rain has a shell.


Political Playground

7 Jul

I’ve never known such a social and political upheaval in all my life.

It’s become so farcical it reminds me that these politicians are still public schoolboys at heart.

Here’s the scenario:

Part 1
David is the cock of the dorm, arrogant and proud. Boris and Nigel are his whip boys.

David taunts and bullies Boris, keeping him in check. Nigel whispers to Boris and urges him from the wings to stand up to David.
One day, after being taunted so much, Boris in the playground stands up to Dave and says “One day, I’ll be Leader!” and “I’ll show you!”
David laughs and scoffs “That’ll be the day!”
David turns to his peers, all smug and so sure of himself.
Nigel speaks up: “He might not be Leader now, but mark my words – with me by his side, he’ll achieve his goals!”
Boris looks at Nigel. He is aghast and pleased. Pleased he has an ally but frightened on the inside. “Hhhhoow? What?? ”
“Sshhh!” Shoots back Nigel in his ear. “WE know we won’t but let them believe it! We’ve gotta show them we have strength and mean business!”
“Oh! I see. I get you. Yes, I’ll play along with that!”
They call to David, who is enjoying toying with them, the admiration from his friends, the claps and slaps on the back.
“We’ll take you on!” Says Boris. “I’ll show you we mean business!”
“What you going to do, BoJo – lead the UK out of the EU!??”
The crowd laughs. Boris is uneasy. He looks at Nigel who quietly urges him on “Erm, Yes!”.
David guffaws. “Really? We’ll see about that!” The crowd laughs even more. Boris is embarrassed but with steely determination, say “Yes. Yes! I will!”
Dave and his comrades place a wager.
“If you win,” says David, “I’ll walk away and you can do what you like!”
Boris looks to Nigel. Nigel winks re-assurance. They have no idea how this will turn out. They just want to go home and play happy families.
“Okay”, gulps Boris. “You’re on!”. They spit on the palms of their hands, a small drop of saliva from Boris and a large gob of slime from Dave. Boris cringes inside but shakes hands. He winces with the feel of mucus on his palm and the tightening of Davids hand over his knuckles. It’s a veiled threat but Boris smiles benignly. Nigel begins to stir and feels it’s payback time for all those years (17 in total) he was mocked

Meanwhile, word has got out and not only the school hear of this wager, but the whole village.

Part 2

Boris’ old pals and the older people hear of the bet placed by David. They know he will win but they feel for Boris. They like Bumbling Boris with his thick thatch of blonde hair and self deprecating humour. They know he means well and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. They know he has had a very privileged lifestyle (moreso than David) but he always seemed like he’d rather be at the pub playing card games or snoozing whilst listening to an 80s band. Bless him, he tries hard and everyone loves a trier. He’s the underdog, the villagers whisper.
Let’s humour him.
So they do.
The villagers praise David as a shining example. After all, he’s been HeadBoy for 8 years, King of the Proms for the same amount. He’s the Golden Boy, loved and admired by many. Despised by the same amount.
And so the villagers are asked to support David. He’s the Winner by far. Bound to win! They all exclaim.
Meanwhile, Gove the evil villain, is plotting and scheming. He is the school bully, watching from a far and ready to pounce at the right opportunity. For all his dark, devious attributes and manipulating ways, especially when he talks he can score points very well in debates but lacks social charm and charisma. He doesn’t have many friends. That’s his downfall.

Anyway, news gets out of the village and into another. David the Giant is going against bumbling Bo Jo. The word spreads like wildfire. Some people mock, others support either party and some feel sorry for BoJo. They support him because people want David to fall off his pedestal.
The “joke” and the wager gets bigger and bigger. David is so sure of himself. He’s planned to leave the village in 4 years. He can’t wait to speak and spend millions. He’ll never beat me laughs David as his mates exchange slips. The money bags become heavier.
Bojo is scared and is overwhelmed by the positive responses. I never expected this! exclaims Boris. Just enjoy the ride says Nigel. Enjoy it while it lasts.
What if we win? Asks a nervous BoJo.
Then we’ll accept and quietly walk away says Nigel. David will have to admit defeat and walk away with egg on his face. The cock of the school will be very embarrassed, we’d win and at least we can say we tried. We’d be as proud as peacocks!
Yes, I like the sound of that, says Boris.
Nigel gives BoJo a re-assuring hug. Boris winces with embarrassment. He’s never comfortable with men holding him.
But what about the school, the villagers. Not just the locals but everyone else? Asks a thoughtful Boris as he pulls away?
Oh. Them! Says Nigel. They can go shaft themselves!
Boris concedes and together, they walk away.

NB David walks away from the winning night, dropping his crown after his deafening weak and desperate to remain calm speech, Bojo calls it a truce after realising he received sympathetic support, Nigel is majestic and struts away like a peacock and Gove, hiding in the bushes, slaps a sharp, jagged knife in the palm of his hands.

Whilst Theresa, who believes she is Superwoman, is ready and waiting at the Gates, ready to swoop in and save the school when the opportunity rises, Jeremy the scruff at the local comprehensive is determined to make himself a Leader , no matter what is said about himĀ and little Andrea, the quiet schoolgirl who has been unnoticed for 6 years, observes and smiles inwardly to herself. “I’m ready for my close-up” she says.

The End.